Vimaanam review: This film starring Prithviraj tried too hard to inspire

Vimaanam could have been an awe-inspiring inspirational story had it focused on that angle alone and been written with some more depth, writes Deepa Antony

The Prithviraj Sukumaran starrer Christmas release Vimaanam, produced by Listen Stephan is written and directed by debutant Pradeep M Nair. The film is inspired by Saji M Thomas, a physically challenged class 7 dropout who made news by successfully building a light-weight aircraft. Though the film draws much inspiration from Saji’s real life experiences, Vimaanam is an inspirational story about the courage to dream and the pursuit to turn into reality. 

The film is about a Padmabhoosan awardee, Dr.Venkateswaran (Venkiti) and his love for flight and his love for Janaki, his childhood sweetheart. The story starts with him being awarded the Padmabhooshan and then winds into a flashback as he travels back to his roots. The story comes alive with sound and bankable performances by Alencier, Sudheer Karamana, Lena, and Saiju Kurup. Alencier as Roger, fondly called Paapa is Venkiti’s mentor friend. His combination scenes with Prithviraj are nothing short of adorable! Saiju Kurup plays the jealous and slightly dumb NRI cousin to Janaki. While his slightly dim-wit character could have been caricature-ish, Saiju manages to not cross the line like an actor worth his salt. Lena plays Roger’s blind daughter and does so beautifully.

Vimaanam starts with fleeting philosophical dialogues consciously thrown in to give you a heads up that you better be motivated and inspired by the time the end credits roll. Cliché dialogues like ‘if your dream is true you will sprout wings on your shoulder even without you knowing it’, and ‘my dream is not the kind that one watches in sleep, but the kind that doesn’t let me to sleep’ are tailor made to suit the purpose of forceful motivation. These heavy weight dialogues are dead giveaways of imagination-less writing. And neither does it help when all the characters are either white or black. As viewers we’ve reached at an era when a blend of black, white and gray shades in characters make it much more realistic than when it is otherwise. Please note!

Real-life stories have always let Prithiviraj manifest as an actor. While one may not call him an improvising or spontaneous actor, he can be trusted to do justice to a character based on a real person. Case in point, his portrayals of J C Daniel (Celluloid), VP Moideen (Ennu Ninte Moideen), so on and so forth. He successfully turns into sexagenarian and then turns into a 20-something in equal ease, thanks to the makeup and hair department. Still with a hangover of the success of Ennum Ninte Moideen, Prithiviraj’s Vimaanam is yet again a tragic grand love story. And like Anarkali, it also has a grand romantic reunion to fulfill a promise. Dear, future writers of Prithiviraj movies, we’ve seen him do this drill enough. A little more creativity comes a long way!

Gopi Sundar does a good job of trying to engage the viewers in his songs and background score. But this is one of those cases when the visuals distract from the song. With every single gesture and expression Durga Krishna, the leading lady turns the narrative into a dance drama. Her over dramatic expressions, dance and even dialogue rendition dampens as even Gopi Sundar’s music or Prithviraj’s acting can’t save the narrative.

Vimaanam could have been an awe-inspiring inspirational story had it focused on that angle alone and been written with some more depth. But now, inspite of some good actors, and other artists on its credit list, it ends up being a little of a motivational story and a little of love story but neither of it completely.



reviewed byDeepa Antony

28 Dec 2017 | 03:07 PM

  • directed by
  • Pradeep M. Nair
  • Starring
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran
  • Durga Krishna