Rosapoo review: Boorish, crass and tasteless

This is the kind of cinema that even a charismatic actor such as Biju Menon cannot save with his wit, writes Deepa Antony.

Black humor is a tricky business to pull off even for the best of the lot. However, Rosapoo, written and directed by debutante Vinu Joseph, is above all, a good example of how, if not handled with care, black humor can nose-dive into a bottomless abyss of crass nonsense.

The film starts with a dream. Like countless youngsters from the 80s and 90s, it starts with a dream of making it rich. Shanu (Biju Menon), an impressionable dimwit of a man, and Ambrose (Neeraj Madhav), an aspiring film-maker, have tried it all – from trading in atthar (perfume) to selling eggs to branding them(?). Nonethless, every business venture of theirs failed miserably for their lack of business acumen. After every failure Bhanu (Basil Joseph), an MBA graduate, comes up with a new and more stupid business idea to which Shanu inevitably falls prey, thanks to his foolhardiness. Finally they land on an idea to make a soft-porn movie, a craze in the state before the dial-up internet connections became a commonplace domestic presence, with they don’t have. Rosapoo is about their struggles in making this film.

The only mirage in this dreary dessert of a movie is Anjali who plays Reshmi, a leading heroine of C-grade soft porn South Indian cinema. She is charming and plays her role with a conviction that can hardly be attributed to any other aspect of this film. Soubin Shahir, Alencier Ley Lopez, Sudheer Karamana, all play equally despicable and hollow character. This is the kind of cinema that even a charismatic actor such as Biju Menon cannot save with his wit. Even he running on being chased for defaulting on loans seems lethargic and half-hearted! Vijay Raghavan, playing Velayudhan, a boorish and greedy loan-shark, is caricaturish and annoying to a fault.

Unimpressive music, lackluster background score and utterly amateur CG effects only adds to the torture. This loosely though out story does try to make a statement on objectification and commodifying women, but fails miserably at even establishing the point. It also fails when the film needs a man to deliver a sermon on hypocrisy and an affirmation to “protect” a woman inspite and after a deed of courage from the said woman.

Boorish, crass, cheap and tasteless, Rosapoo is an unapologetic mess of a story narrated with lethargy and recklessness. Do yourself a favor and sit this one out, unless you absolutely have to.


reviewed byDeepa Antony

12 Feb 2018 | 12:06 PM

  • directed by
  • Vinu Joseph
  • Starring
  • Neeraj Madhav
  • Biju Menon
  • Anjali
  • Genres
  • Comedy