Kaly review: A game worth a watch!

The film will keep you at the edge of your seat for a while, but also get predictable is large parts, writes Deepa Antony.

‘Kaly’, a purported title that suggests excitement, intrigue, thrill and adventure, is the story of Sameer, Bijoy, Aneesh, Shanu and Abu, young boys from happy, yet low-income homes with a penchant for branded clothes, watches, shoes and sundry. To meet their fancies they beg, borrow and/or steal from wealthy families and pretend to be from families of wealth to impress girls. One fine day, these boys, all traceurs (except one), decide to rob a luxurious villa complex to suit their “branded” lifestyles. This misadventure and what it leads to makes the crux of the story. What starts as a youthful story of love, friendship and a lifestyle of metro-swag, soon becomes a loosely thought out thriller with a predictable ending.

Kaly opens to Vidya Vijay having her birthday celebrated with the boys, giving us an insight into their friendship, a love relationship and a well-shot long french kiss (a rarity in Malayalam films). Unfortunately though, the script allows Vidya Vijay to serve no more purpose than the said kiss and a song for one of the boys to dance around with. Aishwarya Suresh, the girl with a pretty smile, however is given more screen space. If only she knew how to act! But then again, in her defense (no, there’s no defense for bad acting!), her character is written weak, especially towards the climax.

The boys, Shebin Benson, Shalu Rahim, Indy Pallasery and Anil K Reji have all nailed their parts to a perfect ‘T’. Their Parkour performance, youthful swag and comic timing are all spot on. This film will definitely be a ample stepping stone for the young boys, especially Shebin Benson.

But the real star of the show is Joju George, who plays the shrewd and greedy cop, SI Thilakan. In a cast with names like Baburaj, Tini Tom, Shammi Thilakan, Balaji Sharma,Sajan Palluruthy, Sona Nair, Rajesh Hebbar, and the likes, Joju George effortlessly shines through with sheer acting prowess and no gimmicks in his kitty. Kaly is irrefutably Joju’s career best performance so far. His performance has raised the bar of the audiences expectation towards him. He better live up to it in the future!

Rahul Raj does a reasonably good work with the music and score. The music and the background score does set the youthful mood in the first half and a thriller mood in the second half. Najeem Koya lucked out with getting a big banner as August Cinemas into producing this small budget movie. However, this movie that starts of as a youth-oriented story clearly targeting the young crowd soon turns into a thriller with elements of intrigue, but a predictable climax. The film will keep you at the edge of your seat for a while, but also get predictable is large parts. Nevertheless, Kaly is definitely a “game” worth a watch!


reviewed byDeepa Antony

17 Feb 2018 | 12:02 PM

  • directed by
  • Najeem Koya
  • Starring
  • Joju George
  • Shebin Benson
  • Baburaj
  • Genres
  • Drama