Ajith shines but let down by silly scenes

Ajith’s highly anticipated Vivegam is an ambitious film, both in terms
of scale and making, but not all such attempts, particularly in this
case, deserve praise.
Siva and Ajith have teamed up for the third time in Vivegam, and
they desperately try to take things up a notch by setting their story
against a lavish, international backdrop, only to fail miserably in the
process and churn out a half-baked product which is fuelled by great
Vivegam' is an attempt to make an “international” thriller, with the
assumption that a star with a huge fan base would be able to pull it
off. Ajith’s effort is sincere, but Vivegam just doesn’t come together.
Despite great action, which is the film’s saving grace, the twists are
very predictable and it gets worse post interval. Vivek Oberoi is made
to look like a joker in a poorly written role but despite that he comes
out with an earnest performance.
It’s Ajith’s show all the way and he packs a solid punch. Going by the
visuals, the movie delights cine lovers but lacks a punch when it
comes to the script.

reviewed byFilmization

23 Jan 2018 | 07:22 PM

  • directed by
  • Siva
  • Starring
  • Ajith Kumar