Adam Joan review: A cold and dark thriller with a style quotient

There are many elements that make Adam Joan a watchable entertainer. 

This year looks like one for suspense thrillers of Prithviraj. With Adam Joan Prithivaj breaks the slump he faced with Ezra, another of his release this year that attempted too hard to fall into the suspense thriller genre. 

However, Prithviraj nailed it better this time.
The movie is about Adam Joan (Prithviraj) who falls in love with Amy (Mishti Chakraborthy), marries her and instead of living happily-ever-after gets ensued in a series of life altering tragedies that shape the rest of the story.

Written and directed by Jinu V Abhraham Adam Joan marks the arrival of a new film-maker. His biggest achievement as a writer turned director lies in making a 2 hours 40 something minute long movie not seem that long. The story keeps a tempo throughout its entirety, never tiring the viewers one bit. 

Soulful music 

The large vacant grasslands and moorish locales have been put to use in establishing the dark, cold tone of the story. With elements of mysticism, occultism, suspense and thrill, the movie has no supernatural element in it as previously rumored. The blue-gray toned frames set the dark mood of the entire movie. 

The background score lifts the mystic element a notch higher. ‘Ee Kaattu’ remains the best track of this album by Deepak Dev, more so, because of the beautiful picterization of the song. However, the story falls short of being able to incite any emotion to its full range. The script had not a sliver of comedy in it. In a weakly written script, everything apart from Adam and Amy’s romance is half-baked and lackluster. 

The characters, their chemistry and plotlines are all halfway there. By the end of the movie you have questions nobody has attempted to answer- a huge disservice to the suspense genre. 

Engaging frames

The cinematographer Jithu Damodaran, however, keeps us hooked with his interesting and engaging frames.
The Prithviraj-Bhavana-Narein combo instantly reminded me of Robinhood where the trio had a certain chemistry going between them. But while Prithiviraj and Bhavana held it together with their mature and controlled acting Narein hardly had a role, so to speak. 

"The writer-director shows a subtlety in the dialogues which is absent in many other aspects of the movie"

The “friend-in-need” had his screen time heavily reduced because the hero is a lonesome vigilante who is too good for a sidekick- a trend reminiscing Darwinte Parinamam, the actors release from last year. 

Lena and Rahul Madhav are precision actors who emote neither a little less nor more. KPAC Lalitha makes a show in a scene with a critical plot twist as the quintessential darling achayathi mother familiar to all Malayalam viewers.

The writer-director shows a subtlety in the dialogues which is absent in many other aspects of the movie. Sameera Saneesh weaves her magic making the entire acting crew look so stylish and dapper in every single frame that it almost looks like they walked out of a fashion catalogue for an autumn-winter collection. With an abundance of haute couture and luxury cars not a single soul shall complain that the movie didn’t score a 100 on the style scale. 

With the extravagant stunt scene in the climax the subtlety mentioned earlier is thrown out the window! Even with quite a morbid and grim storyline the movie does have an undeniable entertainment value. There are many elements that make Adam Joan a watchable entertainer. But the story isn’t one of those.

reviewed byDeepa Antony

11 Sep 2017 | 02:14 PM

  • directed by
  • Jinu V Abraham
  • Produced by
  • Brijeesh Mohamed
  • Starring
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran
  • Mishti
  • Genres
  • Thriller
  • Romance