Failure makes you stronger, says Prithviraj

Actor Prithviraj thanked his fans and well-wishers for helping him complete 15 successful years in the film industry.

It's never easy for any actor to have a career spanning for 15 years or more without a strong background. On September 13, superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran completed 15 years in the industry.

The actor, who made his acting debut with director Ranjith’s Nandanam, was just 20-years-old when he made his presence felt. Despite his box office failures in the beginning, the audience and directors lent him chances to prove himself as they believed in his talent and intelligence.

“Failure more than anything, makes you want to try harder, try newer, different things. But success, that’s a trap!”

Now, when the actor has completed 15 years in the industry, Prithviraj penned down an emotional note through his official Facebook account thanking everyone who trusted him.  

“It’s been 15 years! 15 years since the day my first film hit the theatres. To say that the journey has been a roller coaster ride will be an understatement. But at this point, looking back at the last decade and a half, the overwhelming emotion is that of gratitude. To list out names would mean a long and arduous task. So to everyone who placed their conviction, trust and confidence in me..THANK YOU! Most of the millions who’ve watched my movies..and over the years, have given me the most priceless of gifts. A staunch fearlessness of success! YES..I mean SUCCESS..and not FAILURE!”

“Like I’ve always maintained..failure more than anything, makes you want to try harder, try newer, different things. But SUCCESS..that’s a trap! One that intimidates that tells you to stick to what you’re doing…one that shows you the festivities..and reminds you there is a lot to lose. But it’s you..who today through each film of mine tells me that you expect NEW and DIFFERENT from me, who inspire me to stand up to success..and say that I will not be afraid to put it at stake! So friends, well-wishers, teachers and the many who have shown the way before me..I’m forever obliged for the 15 years you’ve given me..and I promise to try even harder for the next 15 and ever more!”